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Archos Childpad Android Tablet PC for Children

Archos Childpad Android Tablet PC for Children

Archos Childpad is another cool Android tablet PC for Children with powerful specification and features. This tablet comes with 7 inch screen. as the name told this childpad was specially designed for children use.

Beside Archos Childpad there's also another cool tablet pc for kids such as Nabi Tablet or even leappad explorer. This kid friendly tablet PC from Archos was powered by 1 Ghz Processor and 1GB of RAM. from the rumor that we heard this Cool Childpad from Archos will be using the latest Android OS which is called as Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.0

Back to the original purpose of the Child Pad is a tablet to a child, there is a significant feature in it include:

- Parental Control

There are features to control what can and can not be accessed, and this feature has to meet international standards (CIPA and COPPA)

- Kids App Store from AppsLib

Compared access the Android Market, Android applications through a special market on this one we as parents can be a little more quiet because of existing applications is guaranteed it will not damage your child's mental, we understand his intent? It has 14 categories of apps, including pre-loaded versions of popular apps like Angry Birds and Flight Frenzy.

- User-friendly theme

Its name to the child, ranging from the icon, the home screen and the other was made more cheerful and lively.

Archos Child Pad will go on sale late March at a price of $129. which makes it much less expensive than a full-blown tablet.

Watch Archos Childpad Tablet PC Hands On Video

Kick Activated Tailgate on All new Ford Kuga 2012

Kick Activated Tailgate on All new Ford Kuga 2012

Ford has unveiled a new technology for their all new ford kuga 2012, now with this kick activated tailgate you can open the back door easily just by kicking the bottom of the car's rear bumper and trunk door will open automatically and do the same to close it again, so do not have hands anymore.

This Hand's free Automatic Tailgate at all new Ford Kuga cars can overcome many common problems such as when you're carrying lots of luggage in hand, the edges of goods must be lowered first, open the trunk and grab the stuff and put it into the trunk.

The designers of the ‘kick start’ boot, have used existing technology for car doors, known as key-less entry, and taken it a step further.

The conventional key-less entry system allows drivers with a key or a credit-card sized electronic tag to unlock their car and start it without having to take it out of their pocket or purse. How This system works? The car does this by sending out a constant signal scanning the area around its perimeter.

When its key comes within a couple of yards of the vehicle, the signal ‘asks’ the electronic key or key card for an electronic password and the key gives it.

The kick start boot uses the same system, but under the back of the car. Once the car has recognised its key, all a motorist has to do is approach the boot with bags in hand, extend a foot as if making a gentle kick so that the shoe goes under the bumper, and hey presto, the boot opens.

The same applies in reverse for lifting bags or bulky objects out of the boot. A quick kick under the bumper and the boot closes. The system is called the ‘kick-activated automatic tailgate’, and Ford revealed it perfected the system with the help of volunteer ‘kickers’ over six months of testing. The system safeguards against accidental opening by being programmed to open only with leg motions but not when an animal runs under the car or when the vehicle hits a bump on the road.

Check out the footage video below about How the Kick Activated tailgate system works on Ford all new kuga 2012.


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