»Cool Amazing Wind Wave - The Wonder of Nature

Cool Amazing Wind Wave - The Wonder of Nature

This picture below was showing the real beauty of our nature, this is the picture of a wind wave on the sea.

In fluid dynamics wind waves, or more precisely wind generated waves, are surface waves that occur on the free surface of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and canals — or even on small puddles and ponds. They usually result from the wind blowing over a vast enough stretch of fluid surface. Some waves in the oceans can travel thousands of miles before reaching land. Wind waves range in size from small ripples to huge rogue waves. There is little actual forward motion of individual water particles in a wave, despite the large amount of energy it may carry forward.

When directly being generated and affected by the local winds, a wind wave system is called a wind sea. After the wind ceases to blow, wind waves are called swell. Or, more generally, a swell consists of wind generated waves that are not — or hardly — affected by the local wind at the same moment. They have been generated elsewhere, or some time ago. Wind waves in the ocean are called ocean surface waves.

After you know a short description of it, now that's the time to enjoy the beauty of nature in Cool Amazing Wind Wave - The Wonder of Nature

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