»Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner Concept a Wearable Vacuum Cleaner

Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner Concept a Wearable Vacuum Cleaner

Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner Concept a Wearable Vacuum Cleaner, Here comes a cool concept of Vacuum Cleaner. a Wearable Vacuum Cleaner, Christian Sallustro of the University of Florence designs this cool wearable vacuum cleaner to help people cleaning duty with their own hand.

How to use this Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner? The designer said that we can use the magic hand vacuum cleaner using a natural hand movements, with no extra strain or effort in the process. Well i wonder what power did this device use to clean dust or stain?

The design of this device also comes to the aid of those who have limb problems like a weak grasp or are prone to muscular pain or tiredness after having worked for some time. On the functional side, The Magic Glove is capable of cleaning loose fibres, animal hair, dust and food crumbs commonly found in households, especially from areas that are beyond the reach of the conventional vacuum cleaners. The multi-colored, well-tested glove, made out of strong yet light material, is an example of a flexible, stylish and functional cleaning device that goes easy on the skin.

This is really an Amazing concept. I hope that the designer of this device could realize it and then we can use it to clean anything in our home. So how about you? Do you interest in this Futuristic Vacuum Cleaner Concept?

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