»Lunar Eclipse on Google Logo Today

Lunar Eclipse on Google Logo Today

Lunar Eclipse on Google Logo today, Today there's a new things on google, you can see the lunar eclipse on google logo, it's really a great things for those who can't see the full lunar eclipse last night. I know i miss these rare event last night but thanks to google now we can see the total lunar eclipse on their logo today. here's what i got from wikipedia concerning the total lunar eclipse on 15 june 2011.

A total Lunar Eclipse has took place in 15 june 2011, It was the first of two such eclipses in 2011. The second will occur on December 10, 2011.

This was a relatively rare central lunar eclipse where the center point of Earth's shadow passes across the Moon. The last time a lunar eclipse was closer to the center of the earth's shadow was on July 16, 2000. The next central total lunar eclipse will be on July 27, 2018.

The last google doodle logo was a playable guitar as a tribute to les paul 96th birthday several days ago, and now there's another great google doodle logo.

You can play the Lunar Eclipse on google logo today, it's an animated version of the total lunar eclipse.

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