»Watch TV in your Tablet PC with Motorola Televation

Watch TV in your Tablet PC with Motorola Televation

Watch TV in your Tablet PC with Motorola Televation, Now with this advanced technology from Motorola televation, you can watch your favorite TV program from the TV Cable Network on your Tablet PC or on your smartphone. how to do that? and how does this motorola televation works? check it out.

Motorola Televation is a tool that allows us to enjoy the TV show in cable TV anywhere either by tablet or mobile phone.

The form of this Motorola Televation is similar to a modem, this device will be connected to an ordinary TV cable connected to the TV and then from here the device is connected to a router. Because the router is connected, automatically we can access it either via wired LAN or Wi-Fi so if your gadget had one of two of these connections, we can watch TV anywhere. It's really a cool invention.

Another plus feature is with Televation Device we can also watch a different program on each gadget. Motorola itself has set up an SDK (Software Development Kits) for Android and the IOS which means it will be many emerging applications to support this Televation Device. How about the price? Well there's still no information about this Motorola Televation.
Motorola Televation

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