»Electric Rock Guitar Bag let's you Play guitar everywhere

Electric Rock Guitar Bag let's you Play guitar everywhere

So are you a big fans of guitar hero games? There's so many cool amazing stuff related to guitar hero controller such as this Electric Rock Guitar bag from Thinkgeek. this cool looking bag comes with a playable guitar complete with an Amp. all you have to do is just press the chord of the guitar body on your bag and then play it. Before this there's still another geeky guitar stuff such as the playable guitar t-shirt, but we think this electric rock guitar bag is more cooler than the T-shirt.

Electronic Rock Guitar Bag is a bag with a " guitar " on the outside that you can play like playing a real guitar. In it there is also a mini- amplifier to make his voice sound pretty tight and for existing chors, similar as a real guitar.

This cool amazing Electronic Rock Guitar Bag use AAA type batteries 4x and sold for $ 49.99. So would you afford it? With this Electric Rock Guitar Bag now you can play guitar anywhere even at your school.

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