»Future way of Online Payment with Netswipe

Future way of Online Payment with Netswipe

There's a new way to make an online payment with your credit card, if in the past we have to swipe the cards to make a payment, now Jumio presents a new way to use credit cards with the helps of your computer/notebooks webcam, especially for those are often do an Online Shopping called netswipe. With netswipe features now you can make a payment only by placing the credit in front of the webcam. How does it works?

Jumio made a cool breakthrough in Online payment processor, they will made your webcam as the Credit cards reader. Simply by positioning the front side of your credit cards in front of a webcam, then the existing applications will process your online payments. For security, you are also required to enter the last 3 number of your Credit cards ( known as the CVV code ) which is usually printed on the back of credit card and enter using the virtual keyboard to prevent the keylogger.

check out the video below about how to use netswipe as the future way of online payment.

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