»Super Electric Cars Rimac Concept One

Super Electric Cars Rimac Concept One

Finally the superelectric car was unveiled. This Rimac Concept_One was claimed as the world's first electric supercar. it can reach 305km/h top speed!!. This cool electric vehicle was firstly shown at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. This Rimac Concept One also dispel the myth about the electric cars battery. With the single charging it can travel to 600km. So how about the engine specification of this cool superelectric vehicle?

Rimac Concept_One is an electric car which had a speed reaching 305 km/h with a powerful 1088 hp engine. Rimac Concept_One only takes 2.8 seconds to achieve 0-100 km/hour It's really an amazing achievements for an Electric vehicle

Talk about an electric car battery problems which have limited, arguably Concept_One by Rimac dispel the myth that because with one refill, this electric car can travel a distance of up to 600 km. It's more than enough isn't it?

If all goes well then Rimac Concept_One ready for production by 2013 and will be produced as many as 88 units only to the premiere. Check this pictures and Video below about this Super Electric Cars Rimac Concept One

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