»SpyNet Laser Trip Wire a Laser Based Security System

SpyNet Laser Trip Wire a Laser Based Security System

Spynet Laser Trip Wire was a laser based security system, it will protect your precious stuff with a laser wire. :D it's like a personal advanced security system on your house. This cool hi-tech stuff SpyNet Laser Trip wire was based from many security system that used in many movies. it will protect the precious things with a laser wire. and when someone come across the laser then the alarm will ring.

Laser Trip Wire from SpyNet have the same function where we can protect something from annonymous with existing laser technology. In the purchase package of this SpyNet Laser Trip you will get 1 piece of laser units ( transceiver ), 2 pieces of glass to reflect the laser beam and one receiver who also serves as an alarm.

Simply point the laser beam in accordance with the desired and if there is someone passing by and decide the laser beam then alarm will ring. isn't it really cool technology? You can buy this SpyNet Laser Trip Wire Security system for about $ 39.99

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