»3D Bio Printers made a bone like material

3D Bio Printers made a bone like material

Have you ever imagined that a 3D printer can made a bone like material? With this 3D Bio material you can print a material which is similar to human bones. This 3D Printers was still in the stage of development. The researchers are currently developing this special 3D bio printer to make prints of human bones.

Nowadays the 3D Printers was becoming one of the greatest technology, by using the 3D Printer you can get the parts of equipment is much cheaper than buying the original one. Such as the parts of our body which is bones.

In the future we hope that 3D bio-printers can make replicas of human bones which could then be used to replace a broken bone or damaged. So how does this 3D Bio printers works? Well you can see the video below.

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