»Full HD Camera Pill to examine your Body

Full HD Camera Pill to examine your Body

This is the futuristic concept of camera which comes in a shape of pills. this camera pills could be used to examine your body from inside. the most amazing things of this Camera pill is they could transmit HD video from inside the body.

This camera pill was called as the Melody Project. it's a camera technology that can transmit a HD video format in real time to see what happens inside your body. surely it's far more amazing than the Virtual body scanner which is launched several years ago. with this Project Melody Camera Pills we can see inside the body in a real time. It's really useful in medical field.

This Camera Pill was given a good enough resolution (at least 720p) so the doctors to see more detail what is in the stomach of the patient and to ensure that the results of the transmission goes well then the tape will be compressed so that the transmission can run faster and smoother.

the camera pill consists of an HD camera, lighting, radio transmission, battery and a microprocessor. Well could you imagine how small is all of that stuff on this Pill?? Isn't it really awesome.

Project "Melody" was developed by Oslo University Hospital, the University of Oslo, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment and 22 other partners.

Hope that they could finish their research on this Full HD Camera Pill so in the future it can be used worldwide and the doctor will use it to examine the disease inside people body.

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