»World's First Wearable LED TV by David Forbes

World's First Wearable LED TV by David Forbes

World's First Wearable LED TV by David Forbes, This Wearable LED TV also called as the Video Coat, this is cool amazing invention by david forbes, This Video Coat was a clothing items that could display Video right on its material. Although it’s not exactly a technological breakthrough, the Video Coat scores points for geekiness and originality. So how did David Forbes made this Video Coat?

Wearable LED TV was Created for the Burning Man, this wearable LED display is powered by a 12V battery and works by being plugged into an iPod or DVD player. With a resolution of 160×120, it doesn’t offer the clarity of a high definition television, but then again, you can’t really wear an HD TV either, so that makes them even. The coat was built on flex boards and expands on the back and sleeves offering a total body video experience.

The Video Coat is driven by circuit boards located on the wearer’s shoulders and hips and even comes with switches that allow you to tweak the colors. In the presentation video he made, David chose to play The Simpson on his wearable TV, because he thinks “its is the pinnacle of modern television entertainment”.

In the future it seems this idea could be used as the modern way of clothing where you can watch your favorite channel on your cloth. just wait.Here's the Video of this Cool Amazing video Coat by David Forbes.

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