»Bionic Eye Glasses Concept for People with vision problems

Bionic Eye Glasses Concept for People with vision problems

Bionic Eye Glasses Concept for People with vision problems, The Advance of technology has bring a cool amazing concept for the visually impaired people. this was called as Bionic Eye Glasses. as we know eyes was one of the most complicated organs. There's so many people on the world has a vision problem including me.

The Medical world's today still can't make an artificial eyes since eyes was the most complicated human organs, Many people who has a vision problems today searching for an alternative to maintain their eye health. and now thanks to this great concept of bionic eye glasses that could helps people with vision problems to see this world more clearly. So how does this Bionic Eye Glasses work to help our vision?

Bionic Eye Glasses uses computer vision to aid visual scene and improve the ability of visually impaired to recognize things around them. The prosthetics are worn like a pair of glasses while a tiny camera is placed on these glasses which in turn is connected to a small sophisticated computer. LEDs are used to light up objects around the user. The camera consists of sensors that function as eyes own photo cells. They detect light and accordingly control the output of computer and LEDs while the computer behaves like a robot and helps the user in recognizing objects around him with help of an array of LEDs placed on the glasses.

We hope that Bionic Eye Glasses concept will be realized soon. We're really sure that this Bionic Eye Glasses could help improve vision for visually impaired people.

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