»Leviatatr Bluetooth Keyboards with Elevated Keys

Leviatatr Bluetooth Keyboards with Elevated Keys

This Bluetooth Keyboards was called Levitatr, at a glance the shape and size of this levitatr keyboards looks weird but it surely has some cool amazing features, this is the first Bluetooth keyboards in the worlds with elevating keys features, it means the keyboards button will rise when it will be used and when you're done using the keyboards, the key will back in a flat shape. If you're looking for a unique and cool bluetooth keyboards for your Tablet PC or iPad so this Levitatr bluetooth keyboards could be your greatest choice.

When not in use, LeviTaTr look flat but when we begin to touch the keyboard buttons will come out or sticking, Levitatr bluetooth keyboards also equipped with LED backlight which will give you a better light in the dark room.

At the backside of this levitatr there is also a built-in kickstand made ​​from aluminum that can be used as a holder for the tablet. LeviTaTr using 4 pieces of AAA battery type and will be sold immediately at a price of $79

Check out the Demo video about this Levitatr Bluetooth Keyboards

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