»Mind Controlled Car Concept by Nissan and EPFL

Mind Controlled Car Concept by Nissan and EPFL

Nissan would make a cool mind controlled car concept together with EPFL. Hopes that on the future we can control the car via our mind. Nissan Europe in collaboration with EPFL ( Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ) which is a technology company that developed BMI ( Brain Machine Interface ) for that wheelchair users can control the wheelchair only by the brain ( mind ) Try to develop the same technology as the mind controlled wheelchair on the car.

This technology will combine a few things to ensure the security of this BMI technology ranging from integrating measurements of brain activity, eye movements to scan the area that is being skipped.

For example if the driver thinks to turn left and then all the above is to start calculating how to turn left and make sure that it will be safe.

There's still no further information about when this concept will became reality. we have to wait for the futuristic way of driving. yeah a mind controlled car is only a matter of time.

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