»Waterproof Android Tablet PC - Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-01D

Waterproof Android Tablet PC - Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-01D

It was said that Fujitsu has been released the World's first waterproof Android Tablet PC called Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-01D. it seems that fujitsu was famous for their waterproof gadget since several years ago they also the first company who made the Waterproof cellphone. do you remember that? so how about this Fujitsu Arrow Tab F-01D? from various source we found that this Android tablet PC by fujitsu was comes with IPX5/7 waterproof certification. just think of it now you can use this tablet PC even when you're on the bathtub or you don't need to afraid anymore to take out your tablet on the beach or when it's raining outside cool huh?

How about the feature and specs of this World's first Waterproof Android Tablet PC - Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-01D? here's the complete specification of these gadgets.

- Android OS 3.2
- Processor: OMAP4430 Dual Core 1.0GHz
- RAM: 1 GB and ROM: 16 GB
- Supports LTE ( 4G )
- MicroUSB, φ3.5mm stereo headphones, microSD card, microSIM
- Rear Camera: CMOS 5.1 mp and the future: 1.3 MP CMOS
- Wi - Fi, 3G, HSDPA / HSUPA, GPS, Wi - Fi 802.11 b / g / n

This first waterproof android tablet PC will be released in Japan on 8 september with supports from NTT DoCoMo. but there's no information about the price of this Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-01D.

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