»3 Inch Buttonless Pocket Tablet PC by Nokia will Shocks CES 2012

3 Inch Buttonless Pocket Tablet PC by Nokia will Shocks CES 2012

Nokia will show their latest technology which is called as a pocket Tablet PC which is only has 3 inch screen. This buttonless tablet from Nokia creates buzz ahead of CES 2012. This rumor now spread widely on many of Tech blogs.

I Wonder how to use this small pocket PC? It will be really difficult to hold since it's really small. but we think this is really a cool amazing concept by nokia. let's wait for this cool gadget on the next CES 2012.

Chris Weber, Nokia’s head for North America has shown up this mystery device to some bloggers. No specs, features and any other details about the small and business card-sized device are available. Some blogs have reported that the device will run on Windows Phone; however, it sports not a single button to meet the requirements of Windows Phone.

Will this be a pocket tablet with Windows Phone? Or is Nokia just hyping up its CES event? Questions are abuzz on tech blogs. Analysts are confused of the potential usage for such a buttonless 3-inch gadget. Indeed, it can’t be used as a regular phone, because it is so small that you won’t be able to hold it to your ear to make calls. But, a 3-inch touchscreen display is enough to let you check mails, surf web and, of course, watch videos and listen to music.

Some analysts have noted that the Nokia device could be a programmable badge that staffers can wear in office. Well, a business ID card with the facility to use web, send texts and make calls using headphone will be a great idea. But, will Nokia really come up with such a product this time around? Indeed, we can’t deny chance for such a device, however.

CES 2012 is nearing up. The tech world has woken up to the frenzy of the world’s premier electronics trade show. Nokia has already invited media to its stall at CES in Las Vegas. The company’s press note invites media persons to come and have a look at its upcoming smart devices. Indeed, let us wait until next week to see whether the 3-inch Nokia device is a reality or mystery.

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