»Gizmon ICA Case a Leica style Cases for iPhone

Gizmon ICA Case a Leica style Cases for iPhone

There's so many unique and creative cases made specifically for iPhone, such as the dokkiri beetle cases, SLR Mount cases for those who want to transform their iPhone into a DSLR camera, and now there's another cool iPhone cases for photography lover. that's a Gizmon ICA Cases. it's a Leica style cases for iPhone, This cases will add a retro looks into your iPhone, But if you are not satisfied with the Leica iPhone skin, a Japanese manufacturer, Gizmon, released an iPhone-shaped case for Leica Rangefinder camera.

Outside view of a retro-style Leica camera from Gizmon Case will instantly transform your iPhone into the Leica camera, of course, a price for this Cases is far cheaper than the real Leica Camera. Beside as a protective function, this iPhone case also has some additional features such as shutter button to take pictures , the viewfinder to adjust the composition, lens mount, tripod holder and strap. In essence, your iPhone will become increasingly similar to a pocket camera.

This well-designed and impressively-retro case for the iPhone is made of tough polycarbonate and comes in two parts that slide together to protect and retro-fy your phone. The case looks just like an old camera and has enough useful features to makes its bigger size worthwhile. The case comes with two faux-lenses that attach to the front of the case; both contain a mirror to make self-portraits easier. A physical shutter button functions by pressing down on the volume button to capture a photo, and the case even incorporates an optical viewfinder to help you frame your images.

In the future, Gizmon will complement this case with a variety of additional accessories such as flash, lens adapters and accessories that can be used in the car. Gizmon Case for iPhone will be sold for around $ 65 and available in 3 color choices are white, black, and brown.

With this Gizmon ICA Case now there will be more iPhone cases choice for photographer. So will you transform your iPhone into a leica style camera?

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