»Liquipel Nanocoating an Invisible Waterproof Coating for your Smartphone

Liquipel Nanocoating an Invisible Waterproof Coating for your Smartphone

Waterproof coating was really helpful in this rainy season to protect our smartphone. here's one cool amazing invention called Liquipel Nanocoating. It will provide a coating on all parts of your smartphone including inside your phone After that your phone will be an Invisible Waterproof Phone. You don't need to worry anymore that your phone might be broken due to the rain.

What distinguishes Liquipel, at least is claimed by Liquipel nanoscale coating layer thickness they are 1,000 times thinner than a human hair. With their extreme thinness, the Liquipel claimed that the layers will not be visible to the human eye and will not feel that you're touching a final layer and of course this will not affect the performance of your phone. you can send your phone to Liquipel and pay $59 for standard layers and it took several days. If you want fast service then you have to pay $79 then your phone is not only waterproof but also anti-blister.

Liquipel is not a case. it's a nanocoating that coats your smartphone. This ultra thin layer by liquipel also became 2012 Edison Awards Nominee. You can watch the video below about how liquipel nanocoating protects your phone against the water.

The first Video shows you that with this Liquipel Nanocoating your smartphone will save from the water splash and still working normally. Cool huh?

The Second video below shows you about how Liquipel nanocoating technology protects your phone from the water.

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