»Scalado Rewind App to Capture the Perfect Group Pictures

Scalado Rewind App to Capture the Perfect Group Pictures

beside scalado remove apps, there's another cool apps from scalado called scalado rewind. this Android apps works to capture the perfect group pictures, Here's how to explains it. Sometimes when we took several people at once, it's almost impossible to get that one 'perfect shot' where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera – and where no one is blinking!. And this scalado rewinds app works to fix all that impossible things. (see the pictures, with scalado rewind apps we could possible fix the baby expression in that photo)

Scalado Rewind apps will take the best facial expressions from a sequence of photo and then combine them into one single photo. The result? It's now quick and easy to create the perfect group shot. The procedure is simple, take some photos then we can choose Rewind to see whose face should be replaced in terms of taking the best facial expressions.

In their press release it was explained that to make Rewind went pretty smoothly, especially in their tests, they use an Android phone that already have a Dual Core processor. Scalado Rewind Apps also has this benefit : Instant image display and easy interaction.

see how scalado rewind apps works to take a perfect group pictures in a video below

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