»Urban Cultivator a Computer Controlled Growing System

Urban Cultivator a Computer Controlled Growing System

This cool urban cultivator was a computer controlled growing system that can let you grows greens indoors. It's really an amazing invention that could help people in the future. This cultivator uses an integrated computers that can controls the watering and light cycle to grows herbs and vegetables.

the Urban Cultivator is an enclosed hydroponic system designed for continuously growing herbs and smaller vegetables indoors. An integrated computer controls watering and light cycles, and also activates built-in fans to maintain proper humidity and air circulation. Users are required to add supplied organic fertilizer once a week, and eat the greens when they're ready for harvest.

The consumer model, known as the Kitchen Cultivator, hooks into the home's existing power and water systems, like a dishwasher - not coincidentally, it is also about the same size as one, so it can be installed in the same sort of spaces. A bigger Kitchen Cultivator is also available, that doubles as a kitchen island. Both versions have caster wheels and solid maple butcher block tops, that can serve as food preparation areas.

Prices for the consumer model start at US$2,200 - your appetite for greens will determine how quickly it pays for itself. A larger industrial model of the Urban Cultivator starts at $6,000. It is already in use at several restaurants in and around the manufacturer's home city of Vancouver, Canada.

Unfortunately the price of this urban cultivator is really expensive. Watch the video below about How urban cultivator works to grows plants indoor.

via : Gizmag

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