»Nokia 808 Pureview Smartphone with 41MP Camera

Nokia 808 Pureview Smartphone with 41MP Camera

This is really insane a smartphone comes with 41MP Camera? This is Nokia 808 Pureview the first smartphone which has a 41MP Camera. This will be the smartphone with the highest resolution camera on the market today. Nokia 808 Pureview uses a Carl zeiss Lens one of the best camera lens in the world.

Even the Nokia 808 Pureview Smartphone has 41MP Camera but don't think that the picture will produce a 41 MP sensor. but the use of this to get a detailed picture of 5 MP with the best, especially when you zoom a picture.

For Examples of the most common problems we encounter when digital zoom is broken and the image becomes blurry and this is where the 41 MP sensor is able to make images stay sharp even though the zoom up to 4x.

Nokia 808 PureView also equipped with Xenon flash and it can take video with Full HD 1080 p @ 30 fps as well as Rick Recording feature ensures the recorded sound has the quality equivalent to CD.

Another feature of this Nokia 808 Pureview is the Dolby Headphones is claimed to be the first that can produce dolby sound when using headphones. Like most of Nokia Smartphone this Nokia 808 Pureview running on Symbian OS Belle. Check out the video below

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