»Samsung Smart Oven a Smart Appliances for your Kitchen

Samsung Smart Oven a Smart Appliances for your Kitchen

This Samsung smart oven is really cool. it can be set with an android apps. now it's the time for us to go into the futuristic cooking method. with an Android Apps you can operate the smart oven.

Samsung Smart Oven MC368GAAW5A has 160 Cooking Program. and all that programs could be controlled on the special apps on your Android Phone. there's another cool functions of this smart oven, you can also connect this smart oven with your mobile phone via Wi-Fi Connection. We're not completely clear on the app's full capabilities, or whether it will be able to work from a different Wi-Fi network than the one the oven's using. If it's local-only, this removes some of the inherent potential of a smartphone-controlled oven

Samsung smart oven can also display the amount of calories inside the dish that you put into the oven. isn't it cool? This smart oven using an advanced infrared heating system. so far this smart oven from samsung was released only in Korea

You can read further about the features of this Samsung smart oven here but unfortunately it's on Korean language.

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