»BumpyPhoto System Turns 2D Pictures into a Cool 3D Relief Sculpture

BumpyPhoto System Turns 2D Pictures into a Cool 3D Relief Sculpture

The unique system from BumpyPhoto could let you turns 2D pictures into a cool 3D relief Sculptures by using a 3D Printing Technology, This system also bring a little more depth on your photos. It seems that on the future this kind of 3D relief Sculpture could be a trend.

BumpyPhoto will produce a full-color 3D relief sculpture from a 2D photo to give an even better indication of the size of that sun dial that Uncle Barry calls a nose.

The BumpyPhoto system allows users to upload a regular photo image to the company's website where some software is used to create a 3D depth map. Some human designers are also on hand to iron out any problems with the conversion, which means images with more people or objects will take longer - and cost more. Higher resolution images will obviously work better, but anything above 2-megapixels will be accepted. Users can also request a preview of the 3D depth map for approval once it's created.

The 3D depth map is then used to create the 3D relief out of a hard resin composite in a 3D printing process. Due to the additive 3D printing process, the company warns that some layering may be visible on the finished product because the 24-bit coloring added to the finished piece isn't actually painted on, but is part of the object's outer layer.

BumpyPhoto offers either a full photo, where the background remains mostly flat, or cutouts, where the background is removed. Some images will work better than others - subjects wearing glasses aren't ideal, for example - and the company specifies that only faces, full bodies, pets, cars, buildings or distinct objects will work.

The standard price for a custom-made Bumpy Photo is US$79, while a custom-made Bumpy Cutout is $89. Watch more about How bumpy photo system turns 2D pictures into a cool 3D Relief Sculpture.

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