»Google Self Driving Car test by Steve Mahan

Google Self Driving Car test by Steve Mahan

Google Self Driving Car was a cool technology by google, and since 2010 google has been testing this kind of cars, it could run automatically without a driver and has even succeeded in Lobbying Nevada Government so they could use Google self driving car.

Now Google has made another self driving car test with Steve Mahan who is a totally blind inside their car. On these test Google self driving car runs quite smoothly and make Steve could go anywhere without relying on other people. This technology was surely helps a lot of vision impaired people to drive a car.

Of course, self-driving car is not just for those who have vision problems but also for normal people, Especially for those who are tired of a heavy traffic jam. with this Google self driving car you can pass the traffic jam while enjoying a hot delicious coffee from this cool handpresso auto.

Watch how Google Self Driving Car Test by Steve Mahan

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