»Scrubba Washbag the Smallest Washing Machine

Scrubba Washbag the Smallest Washing Machine

Need a Small and portable washing machine to take everywhere you go? try Scrubba. Scrubba is the washbag which is also claim as the World's Smallest Washing machine. Scrubba wash bag is a portable pocket-sized washing machine weighing 180 g (6.35 oz).

The Scrubba accordingly offers, at the cost of 180 g of luggage, the first viable portable washing machine and an alternative to soaking clothes in bathroom sinks.

Australian-based Calibre8 is set to release the Scrubba wash bag in April (2012). The Scrubba wash bag uses 70-100 oz (2-3 liters) of water per wash plus 2-3 drops of cleaning material (e.g. shampoo, body wash or washing liquid/powder) to wash several items of dirty clothing.

Put the water, cleaning material and clothing into the Scrubba, seal the bag and expel any air through a valve in the bag, then place the bag on the floor or a table and rub the clothing against the flexible washboard for 20-40 seconds, then remove the clothing and rinse and ... job done! You can even do it on a plane. Watch how this portable washbag works

This is a must have stuff for those who love to travel. So if you're a traveler you must have this portable wash bag to wash your luggage everywhere you go.
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