»Tiny Wearable Computer concept by WiMM Platform

Tiny Wearable Computer concept by WiMM Platform

Owning a wearable computer was not in your dream anymore, The advanced of technology today has made many cool amazing invention such as this Tiny Wearable computer by WiMM platform. This tiny concept of wearable computer was developed by WiMM labs, it has 36 x 36 x 12,5 mm dimension with 22 gram weight. From the rumor this tiny wearable computer concept will be using Android OS.

this WiMM wearable platform was a small computer concept with a touchscreen which supports 160x600 pixel resolution, Even This device has a shape similar to this Bluetooth Android SmartWatch but is not the same. It can be operated separately as a small computer but it can also serve as Bluetooth watches. Isn't it really cool?

This device can also called as a tiny Tablet since this WiMM Wearable platform has several things that occurs in tablet PC such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Audible and Tactile Alerts, Instead of that features, this cool device was also has a waterproof features and 32GB internal memory.

So what can this device do for us? There's some ideas, such as downloading files via Wi - Fi network or remote access to a computer, simply, what can you do on the Android smart phone so it could be done here. This device could be wore as a Watch. Necklace or another accessories. watch the Video below

So far this device WiMM wearable Platform was still a draft concept but if so produced, the price will be in the range U.S. $ 200-2000.

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