»Archos Childpad Android Tablet PC for Children

Archos Childpad Android Tablet PC for Children

Archos Childpad is another cool Android tablet PC for Children with powerful specification and features. This tablet comes with 7 inch screen. as the name told this childpad was specially designed for children use.

Beside Archos Childpad there's also another cool tablet pc for kids such as Nabi Tablet or even leappad explorer. This kid friendly tablet PC from Archos was powered by 1 Ghz Processor and 1GB of RAM. from the rumor that we heard this Cool Childpad from Archos will be using the latest Android OS which is called as Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.0

Back to the original purpose of the Child Pad is a tablet to a child, there is a significant feature in it include:

- Parental Control

There are features to control what can and can not be accessed, and this feature has to meet international standards (CIPA and COPPA)

- Kids App Store from AppsLib

Compared access the Android Market, Android applications through a special market on this one we as parents can be a little more quiet because of existing applications is guaranteed it will not damage your child's mental, we understand his intent? It has 14 categories of apps, including pre-loaded versions of popular apps like Angry Birds and Flight Frenzy.

- User-friendly theme

Its name to the child, ranging from the icon, the home screen and the other was made more cheerful and lively.

Archos Child Pad will go on sale late March at a price of $129. which makes it much less expensive than a full-blown tablet.

Watch Archos Childpad Tablet PC Hands On Video

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