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Coolest Flight Simulator selection

This cool flight simulator selection below was really amazing, it comes with an advanced technology, you'll feel like you're on the airplane cockpit. if you really want to piloting an aircraft you would love this one. each of the flight simulator below has their own uniqueness, Which one is the coolest?? There have been frequent changes in the designs of simulators and a lot of manufacturers are trying to meet the challenging demands of the growing markets. Some of us might be happy with the previous designs and trust their mechanism, but a lot of us need accuracy while we are trying to learn, and also enjoy the joy ride. A wide variety of aircrafts have called for different simulators and tutorials. Sometimes it is indeed a hassle for manufacturers to meet the expectations. Also, flying simulators are not just for people who are future prospects of becoming pilots but also for gaming freaks who just want to learn everything. Here’s a list of the 10 coolest flight simulators which have made their mark and are competing to win over the markets and top the list. So are you ready to Take off??

1. CAE 5000 Flight Simulator

CAE has definitely recognized the demands of the emerging markets and is trying to battle it out with the competitors. Designer Gad Shannon has come up with a new design the CAE 5000 series flight simulators to win the race. The new design focuses on new improved interiors, especially the instructor area. The seat positions with respect to the reach of equipment have been considerably improved. Technology has also been updated with LEDs and moving visual projector desk.

2. Home-brewed Helicopter Flight Simulator

The owner of Computer Repairs in Ontario, Canada has come up with a very user-friendly and cost efficient Helicopter flight simulator. The creator claims that this amazing flight simulator was made from junk metal and computer and hence forth is economical. The interiors especially the overhead flight panels and controllers have been skillfully made. The whole look is pretty realistic and the machine has a lot of potential.

3. Stealth Fighter Flight Simulator

This flight simulator comes in the lot of DIY flight simulators. This is an actual projection of a stealth flight simulator made from a computer. The front case is a replica of an aircraft cockpit with all the gauges wired with three 17-inch monitor screens. This is a real treat for gaming lovers ready to take a flight.

4. Mathew Sheil’s Flight Simulator

Mathew Sheil’s 747-400 Virtual Flight Deck Project has been his dream and under construction and testing from long 9 years. The specifications of this dream project are 13ft wide, 11ft long and 9ft high. It is said to incorporate every switch and panel of the real aircrafts and is going to be a fantasy ride.

5. Boeing 747 flight simulator

John Davis, a man of unknown background has pulled off a luxurious, close to real 747 Boeing Flight Simulator in a room of his own house. An old car seat has been used as the flight chair and the whole real-life replica has been basically made from wood. The man now runs a flight simulator business from his own house.

6. SX02 Flight Simulator

The SX02 is probably one of the best flight simulators available in the market. The quality is not compromised from any angle and certainly it costs more than one could expect from a flight simulator. This not only comes with surround sound but also with surround screens which makes it different from the rest of them.

7. HotSeats 723 Flight Simulator

The HotSeats 723 Game Chair is one thing that gamers will definitely be interested on spending. The Game Chair comes with a 23-inch HDTV widescreen LCD monitor, Dolby 5.1 surround sound speakers, LCD mount and much more. You can also go online and race with your friends. This is one technically strong flight simulator gaming unit.

8. Dreamflyer

Dreamflyer is a personal virtual reality flight simulator designed for innovative flight gaming. The balancing of the chair creates motion which makes it quite real, just like flying your own aircraft. The aircraft seat replica provides comfort and real like quality.

9. Dogfight simulator

This is a multi-purpose flight simulator that lets you work on your flying skills as well as physical fitness. The graphics of this simulation game are fantastic and the fight game keeps you well occupied while you willingly exercise too.

10. Diamond Simulator

This is indeed a fantastic next-gen flight simulator from Diamond Simulator that will blow your mind away. The simulator is fitted with the latest P2/P3 software and True Environment ATC simulation program. It is loaded with the latest only image generator capable of generate realistic runway lights. This is not an ordinary simulator, but made by the best pilots, flying instructors and aircraft engineers. This is a flight school itself.

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