»Batmobile Replica With Boeing Engines by Casey Putsch

Batmobile Replica With Boeing Engines by Casey Putsch

Batmobile Replica With Boeing Engines by Casey Putsch, Batmobile was known as batman special vehicle, there's so many batmobile replica made by huge fans of batman. and now there's another cool amazing batmobile replica that used a turbine powered engines.

Almost all batmobile replica that was made by batman fans only thinks about the exterior of the vehicle, this made the man named Casey Putsch create his own dream version of the Batmobile.

In terms of form and Chasis, this Casey Putsch Batmobile replica is similar to Original Batmobile replica that already exist but for the affairs of his machine, his Batmobile Replica mod is the coolest among the other batmobile, where Casey put the Boeing engines that used for helicopters.

How about the result by putting the Boeing Engine as the main engines of this Batmobile replica? Well you can see the difference from this Video below. Check out the Sound of the Boeing Engines from this Batmobile Replica.

And one more cool things on it, he put Ipad that he used as an instrument display for a navigation tool as well. Here's the Pictures of the Interior of this Cool Amazing Batmobile Replica by Casey Putsch

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