»Watch The Future Concept SmartWatch to Smartphone

Watch The Future Concept SmartWatch to Smartphone

A new watch concept was introduced by F.Bertrand. This advanced smart watch called Watch the Future is designed to allow you to connect it to the applications residing on a smartphone, so you can organize and receive various updates directly on your wrist. It's really a cool concept for the future to sync the watch and your smartphone. Here's some features of this cool Watch the Future concept.

Watch The Future will be able to display weather information, contacts, stock exchange, short messages (SMS), update Facebook and even your location using GPS. And of course he did not leave the "primary function" of a clock: the clock today. Interestingly, you can easily set up any applications that are often used, including by arranging icons on the most easily accessible.

Another feature of this sophisticated clock is its ability to monitor heart rate and even your emotions at that time. Other enhancements: clock can also be a search tool that slipped your smartphone with the ringing tone! Although it was not clear about the connection technology used, but the latest version of Bluetooth is likely the answer.

Merely a concept, but maybe soon we will see in the market.

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