»Instagram Socialmatic Camera Concept

Instagram Socialmatic Camera Concept

Instagram Social Matic Camera Concept is a real life concept of Instagram camera, this pocket camera is designed by Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studio, Even it's an Unofficial version of Instagram camera but we could say that this is Really Cool and Amazing.

The idea is that it would let users take photos and then print them out straight from the camera as if it was a Polaroid, and instantly share them on Instagram as well,

This Instagram Social matic concept design has a flat touch screen with a built in printer, social networking capabilities and 16GB of internal storage. The idea is that you could take your photos, alter/share them digitally, and then print out physical sticky-notes style versions complete with QR codes. De Rosa says it would have a 4.3 inch touchscreen, built in WiFi, and 2 lenses, one for capturing standard photos and a second for 3D photos.

This cool instagram socialmatic camera really reminds me of the Polaroid era, where we could print out the pictures easily. and now with the enhancement of the instagram effect it seems that we can produce another cool photos, and of course on every photos that you produce there's your nicknames in there. Hmm how about the QR Codes in the printed photos? The QR Codes in this Instagram Socialmatic photos will helps another instagram user to scan the code and follow you on the instagram.

More Pics of Instagram Social Matic camera concept by Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studio

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