»Outer Space Hotel by Orbital Technologies

Outer Space Hotel by Orbital Technologies

This cool Outer Space hotel plan by Orbital technologies can let you has an intergalactic view. Just imagine there's so many 7 star hotel on the earth today but this outer space hotel by orbital technologies will became the first space hotel, Still remember our previous post about futuristic Luxury hotel concept? . It seems that soon we all can enjoy the space hotel.

Orbital Technologies has announced to make a hotel in outer space with a height of 217 miles (349 km) above the earth. This Outer space hotel is indeed only have one room with large windows so you could see the sights of our earth from the space and it can accommodate 7 people in it

Inside this Outer space hotel there was a bed that can be used to sleep vertically or horizontally and there are toilets, of course, but instead of water will use the air. Know yourself up there right on the float, can be troublesome if the business floating about. You can also take a shower with the bathroom that was sealed so that water coming out of the shower is not running anywhere.

Just like a hotel on earth, we also got the food but the food is all in the form have been frozen and put into the microwave when it will be eaten. For the matter of drinks, you can have a juice, tea and mineral water but on this outer space hotel you are not allowed to drink alcohol.

Interested to stay a night on this outerspace hotel? OK we have to calculate the room rates of this outer space hotel, For aircraft that take you into space subject to $ 825,000, continue to stay 5 nights at the hotel, you are obliged to pay $ 165,000. So total price that you have to pay to stay 5 night on this Cool amazing space hotel was $ 990,000!!!. Could you afford it guys?

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