»Concept of Luxurious Hotel in the Future

Concept of Luxurious Hotel in the Future

Have you read about world's most haunted place?? all of that place was so horrifying.. and scare you, but don't worry we'll give you another great amazing place to travel.. let's see the Concept of Luxurious Hotel in the Future

World’s top 10 futuristic luxury hotels, so cool!

The rapid evolution of modes of transport would certainly one day make a big impression on the hotel industry. Only those who survive have something special to offer or, at least, I would never move to a place with straps of my car theft or Jetpack intact.

The designers of the hotels of tomorrow, perhaps, have kept that in mind while creating futuristic hotels to attract global nomads, of course, where the Time Machine doesn’t becomes a reality.

10. The Apeiron island hotel

Designer: Sybarite
Status: Concept
Estimated project cost: $500million

The Apeiron island hotel is a seven star resort with a total floor area of 200,000m?. It is 185-m high and boasts of over 350 luxury apartment suites. The hi-tech futuristic hotel screams of luxury and comfort with its own private lagoon, beaches, restaurants, cinemas, retail shopping, art gallery, spas and conference facilities. Its out of the world design is magnetic enough to deliver a spell-bounded experience to visitors. (Photo Credit: Sybarite)

9. Foldable hotel pods

Designer: m3 Architects, London
Estimated project cost: $72 to $104 million
The foldable and fully transportable pods are for those traveling geeks who find it hard to shun all the amenities of their luxurious life. You can move the pods to exotic locations around the world and the amazing concept abodes will come with ?Active’ walls and floors where guests can focus images of their choice and a disposable unit to care of all waste. (Photo Credit: m3architects)

8. The hotel Burj al-Arab

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Designer: Tom Wright (WS Atkins PLC), Khuan Chew
Status: Complete
Estimated project cost: $650 million
Cost per person: $1,000 to over $28,000 per night, $75 to have a glimpse from inside

A Billowing Sail shaped Structure Soaring 321 MetersAbove The Arabian Gulf Burj Al Arab Is A DramaticTribute To The Regions Seafaring Heritage. CombiningThe Latest Technology With A Long standing Reputation OfArabian Hospitality The Hotel Symbolizes The Very EssenceOf Dubai Embracing The Best Of New Alongside TraditionsOf The Past. Guests Can Transfer From Dubai International Airport By Rolls Royce Silver Seraph Limousines.202 Suites Have Been Exquisitely Crafted And Appointed ToAchieve A Degree Of Comfortable Luxury To Satisfy The SensesOf Every Guest From All Corners Of The World.Individual Service And Attention To Detail Are Paramount WithA Private Reception On Each Floor As Well As Butler ServiceFor Every Suite. Within Each Suite Lies SophisticatedTechnology Providing The Largest Selection Of SatelliteTelevision Channels Available In The Middle East. Every SuiteFeatures Its Own Laptop Notebook Computer/Fax Machine AndPrinter. The Al Falak Ballroom And Conference Suites Located HighAbove The Arabian Gulf On The 27th Floor Offers The VeryBest Of Meeting Facilities. Six Restaurants And Lounges Provide A Variety Of DiningOptions From An Under water Seafood Restaurant.Al Mahara.Accessible By A Three Minute Submarine Voyage To The HeightsOf.Al Muntaha.Located On The Top Level Of The Hotel. A Lavishly Decorated Private Health And Fitness Facility TheAssawan Spa Is Located On The 18th Floor Its Unique LocationAllows Guests To Enjoy Spectacular Views From The Pools/Jacuzzis/Spas/Massage/Beauty And Therapy Rooms And AerobicsWorkout Studios. Burj Al Arab Is Setting New Standards OfLuxury.Service And Comfort On The Shores Of The Arabian Gulf.

7. Waterworld

Location: Songjiang, China
Designer: Atkin’s Architecture Group
Status: Concept

This spectacular design by Atkin’s Architecture Group deservedly won the first prize award last year in an international design competition. The 400-bed resort hotel features underwater public areas, guest rooms, cafes, and restaurants. The major attraction is the extreme sporting facilities including a luxurious swimming pool, rock climbing and bungee jumping.

What more to say, the pictures are screaming BLISS. (Photo Credit: TheCoolHunter)

6. The Poseidon Undersea Resort

Location: Fiji, The Poseidon Mystery Island
Designer: Bruce Jones
Status: Under construction, will be completed by September 2008
Estimated project cost: $105 million
Cost per person: $15,000 per week

Our pursuit of unique spaces now goes straight 1,200-square feet under the sea in the lap of Poseidon undersea resort. The world?s first underwater resort will be ready by the end of next year with breathtaking coral reefs where you can literally immerse yourself.

Surrounded by 5,000-acre lagoon, the Bruce Jones? Poseidon Mystery Island offers luxurious 550 square feet large suites.

Not only this, the Poseidon Resorts website says, the first 1,000 guests will have their names permanently inscribed on two monuments one on the island, and one on the floor of the lagoon.? Now, that's incredible!

Tourists can indulge in submarine piloting, deep reef excursions, scuba diving, sea track on the sea floor, water sports, para-sailing, cave exploration, and much more.

5. The Hydropolis: A self-acclaimed 10-star underwater hotel

Location: Dubai
Designer: Joachim Hauser, Crescent Hydropolis Resorts
Estimated project cost: $500-million

The Hydropolis Undersea Resort, especially designed keeping in mind that we?re around 60% water, endeavors to deliver the serene beauty of the ocean in its true colors. The one of its kind resort will encompass a whopping 1.1-million-square-foot of area offering shopping mall, ballroom, island villas, restaurant, high-tech cinema and surprisingly, a missile-defense system for your security 60-feet underwater.

Tourists can enjoy their stay in 220 theme suites within the submarine leisure complex. It is one of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world, covering an area of 260 hectares, about the size of London’s Hyde Park.

The resort is designed with a petal-like retracting roof to organize open-sky events.

Around 150 firms are involved in the project, which is expected to complete this year if all technical, land, and financial challenges are met, but it?s delayed as per the latest reports. Following the line and determined of the success of the Hydropolis, Crescent-Hydropolis is now planning a chain of underwater hotels around the world.

4. The Lunatic Hotel: Hotel on the Moon

Designer: Hans-Jurgen Rombaut, Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG)
Status: Blueprint ready, will take real shape by 2050

Explanation: The most detailed proposal so far for a hotel and resort destination on the Moon (!) has been prepared by Dutch architect Hans-Jurgen Rombaut. The harsh lunar environment posed serious design challenges but the Moon’s low, one-sixth-Earth gravity, and the absence of wind were an architectural boon allowing a much more slender and fragile-looking building than would have been possible on Earth. Illustrated here, the structure’s two 160 meter high needle-like towers soar over the rim of a deep canyon as planet Earth hangs in the lunar sky. To shield the interior, Rombaut designed 50 centimeter thick walls with two outer layers of Moon rock and a 35 centimeter layer of water held between glass planes. The water absorbs energetic cosmic rays and along with the rock helps keep the temperature constant. Windows are framed as holes in the rock layers. Construction materials are intended to be manufactured on the Moon itself. This Moon Hotel design is welcomed by the international Lunar Explorers Society, LUNEX, who hope to construct a robotic Moon base by 2015, ultimately supporting a lunar village by 2040

3. Aeroscraft: The flying luxury hotel of tomorrow

Designer: Igor Pasternak (Worldwide Aeros Corporation), Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG)
Status: Prototype under development

The "Aeroscraft" is a gigantic 400-ton blimp designed to carry passengers in its spacious luxury cosmos onboard. The flying hotel with an area equal to two football fields hangs in air with 14 million cubic feet of helium, huge electric and hydrogen fuel cell powered propellers and six turbofan jet engines. The hotel can accommodate 250 passengers driving them at a speed of 174 miles per hour up to 6, 000 miles.

Flying 8,000 feet above in the air, the 165×244×647 feet airship will provide tourists hi-tech amenities including casino, restaurants and staterooms.

Designer Igor Pasternak has also plans to float a cargo-carrying version too once the project takes off. (Photo Credit: WATG)

2. Galactic Suite

Designer: Xavier Claramunt of ADD+ARQUITECTURA
Status: On hold, prototype is ready

Designer Xavier Claramunt has tried to imbibe things especially to whet a adventurer?s dream with the Galactic Suite which will have around 22 rooms, measuring 7X4 meters, free of straight lines or angles and huge windows. It is termed as the first global project of its kind, next to Robert Bigelow's space hotel. Different capsules will act as bars, restaurants, reception, and more.

The prototype is still waiting for investors to shell out their fortunes to make this project a reality.

1. Commercial Space Station Skywalker: The inflatable space hotel

Designer: Bigelow Aerospace, Las Vegas
Location: 515-kms above Earth
Status: The human space complex will be accessible by 2015
Estimated project cost: $500 million
Cost per person: $1 million a night

Certainly, we'll have to stop this constant to and fro journey and make space our permanent base. And to make this a reality, the assembling of "CSS Skywalker" kicked off with the launch of "Genesis I" from Russia mid last year. Solar cells will power the inhabitable complex made of various sections that will inflate to take their real form in space. The sections or rooms of the CSS will allow rockets to dock. In future, the modules will be used as basis for space yachts and moon cruisers.

With a volume of 1,500.00 m3 and mass of 100,000 kg, the CSS Skywalker will have a maximum diameter of 30.00 m (98.00 ft).

The concept is a big challenge while it tests inflatable technology and fights to survive in hazardous conditions. Hope it's made to face the wrath of the meteorites, though the hull of each module is made of three protective layers with an outer 18-inch-thick shield made of alternating woven graphite composite and foam to protect against orbital debris. (Photo Credit: CNet)

Passing reference: The Diamond Ring Hotel
Location: Abu Dhabi

The Diamond Ring hotel is just a concept right now and all we've are these images for you to feed on. If anybody reading this has more info, please share with our readers

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