»Electree Amazing Solar Bonsai to Charge your Gadget

Electree Amazing Solar Bonsai to Charge your Gadget

Electree is a solar powered bonsai tree that can charge various of your gadget at one. this electree bonsai was a great eco friendly device that offers a green solution to charge your devices such as smartphone, tablet, digital camera or any other gadget.

The Electree Solar powered bonsai was designed by a french designer Vivian Muller, this devices was an Eco Friendly Battery charger, It was inspired by Photosynthesis process of the tree. This electree used a solar panel as their main energy source. Electree has 27 solar panel “leaves” that charge the Electree’s 13,500mAH battery. You can also stash your devices under the Electree’s floor to keep things neat, tidy, and clutter-free. The branches and each module are also rotatable, which apparently allows you to create an “unlimited number of shapes.”

The Electree will take about 36 hours of sunshine to fully charge its battery. After that, you can start charging your mobile devices through the USB connection. It will charge a device to its full capacity in only a few hours.

The Designer Vivian Muller's looking for 400 presales of this Solar powered Bonsai to make the Electree a reality: for early birds, the price is €269 (about $370). This Electree design was also envisioned as a city project in the future. See also this Solar Powered Straddling Bus Concept.

Here's the video about How you can charge your Gadget with this Solar Powered Bonsai Electree.

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