»Gakufu Camera Apps Playing Music with your iPhone Camera

Gakufu Camera Apps Playing Music with your iPhone Camera

Gakufu Camera was an amazing Apps for your iPhone, it can let you play music through your iPhone camera. this cool apps was made by Kawai a japanese musical instrument company. So How does it work? This Gakufu Camera can play the music based on the music notes that you take with your iPhone Camera.

Gakufu Camera was made to help those who want to play music but hard to read music score. With this application, you only need to scan the musical notes on sheet music with the iPhone camera, then this application will play music based on musical notes proficiency level on your iPhone.

Although these applications are proven to be easier for you, but there are some limitations in this application. Such as tempo problems, and some other technical things that seem to require further adjustment to music played by Gakufu Camera sounds more rhythmic.

Several days ago we also got another cool stuff from japan to let you play music with your body. read here on Ningen Gakki Digital Music Instrument.

See the Demo Videos of this Cool Gakufu Camera Apps for your iPhone.

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