»Moshi Moshi 03 transform your iPhone into Home Telephone

Moshi Moshi 03 transform your iPhone into Home Telephone

Moshi Moshi 03 Handset Will transform your iPhone into home telephone, if you miss the existence of your old home telephone at your office or at your work desk now you can made it from your iPhone by using this Moshi Moshi 03. This cool design was made by French Designer David Turpin.

This Moshi Moshi Handset used as a docking station for your iPhone and used as a medium for voice call or voice chat through their receiver. Moshi - Moshi 03 created as a complement to the iPhone. In terms of appearance, Moshi Moshi - 03 looks very beautiful and modern minimalist with a very strong aura. This device comes with a dock for the iPhone and a receiver that carries wireless technology as a medium of connection.

To use it you simply put the iPhone in the available dock, then connect the iPhone and the phone via bluetooth connection. Once both are successfully connected then you can immediately receive incoming calls to the iPhone and talk through the receiver.

Moshi Moshi - 03 can connect to two different devices simultaneously. So not only can you connect it to the iPhone alone, but can also be connected to a PC as a medium for voice chat.

You also do not have to worry about running out of battery while on the phone, because when the iPhone is placed on the available docking, your iPhone battery will be recharged automatically. Moshi Moshi - 03 was sold for $ 204

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