»MV-1 Van Special Car for Wheelchair User

MV-1 Van Special Car for Wheelchair User

MV-1 Van was a special car designed for the wheelchair user, MV-1 Vans stands for Mobilty vehicle, this car was made by AM General auto car assembly center in Mishawaka, Indiana. AM General auto car was known as the assemblers for Hummer H2. Now they comes with another cool amazing designed car. So what's the advantage of this Special van for wheelchair user?

First, in the MV-1 Vans, there is a ramp that can be adjusted in length so it can be more convenient for wheelchair users to climb the car.

Second, the MV-1 can be filled with two wheelchair passengers at once and still retain three regular passenger seat.

Third, the size of the rear door is also made rather large so as to provide flexibility and convenience for a wheelchair that will fit into the car.

MV-1 itself using a Ford 4.6L 2V EFI V8 Engine and a standard model of MV-1 sold for $39,950. Here's the Video of this cool MV-1 Van for wheelchair users.

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