»Mercedez @yourCOMMAND Infotainment System

Mercedez @yourCOMMAND Infotainment System

Mercedez announced their new amazing Infotainment System called Mercedez @yourCOMMAND. The new system takes the current COMAND Online system to the next level. It can be controlled by voice-commands, a touch pad, or hand-gestures, and can access any type of media stored in the cloud. It's far more advanced than the Cadillac User Experience or CUE Entertainment system.

According to Mercedes, @yourCOMAND stands for seamless experience, natural handling, sensory perfection, and remote experience. One of the more far out features is a retractable, computer-monitor sized screen that is mounted on the passenger side of the dash and is controlled solely by hand gestures.

The system is controlled either by voice commands or a touch pad to cycle through the various functions, including social media, news, entertainment, and navigation selections. For rear entertainment, a separate 17-inch retractable screen launches from the passenger side and is controlled by either hand-gestures or voice commands.

So what makes it different with another car infotainment system? when today most media entertainment system that is in the car relies on a Smartphone then @yourCOMAND will depend on cloud computing systems where they will get all the data through all that we store in Cloud Storage.

The other advantage is we do not have to bother anymore to connect or paired these device with a mobile phone system in the car but on the one hand, Beside the steering wheel there is a large screen that can be removed for more comfortable usage while in the rear seat passengers also have a 17 inch screen that can be removed. And Mercedez @yourCOMMAND also has a Hand gesture features that you can use to open the door. isn't it really great? Check out the video below.

You can also read the Press Release of this Mercedez @yourCOMMAND Infotainment System Here.

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