»Cadillac User Experience Advanced Car entertainment System

Cadillac User Experience Advanced Car entertainment System

Cadillac User Experience or called as CUE was known as the most complete car entertainment system that has a similar interface as a smartphone. now with this cool technolgy, you can enjoy many entertainment on your cadillac.

With CUE you can enjoy almost everything we need in a car ranging from the ability to perform Bluetooth pairing up to 10 pieces of gadgets, USB connection, SD cards to MP3 players, But the coolest feature is the 8 -inch screen mounted in the middle where the screen is similar to the phone screen because there is a proximity sensor, haptic feedback, multi-touch scrolling and can became a screen for your smartphone. It's a cool invention in car entertainment system.

CUE also expected to reduce the accident rate due to the phone where the CUE may receive telephone, email or SMS that comes from the phone via Bluetooth connection. CUE will be installed in 2012 Cadillac XTS and ATs luxury sedans and SRX luxury crossover. Check out the video of this cool Cadillac user Experience the Advanced car entertainment system

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