»65 Inch HDTV Android Honeycomb from Turkish Company

65 Inch HDTV Android Honeycomb from Turkish Company

How does it feel using 65 inch Android Honeycomb tablet? Surely it's really huge touchscreen interface, a Turkish company made this HDTV that can take over all functions available in tablet when connected via HDMI. Yes we know almost all the tablet PC on the market today can be connected into the HDTV with the HDMI Connection but the control is still on the tablet PC itself. Then this Turkish company made a new HDTV technology that could take over all the Tablet Functionality on their new HDTV Products.

The point here, these HDTVs are equipped with touch sensors so that we can control everything on the HDTV Screen without having to touch the tablet at all. Isn't it really cool if you can play fruit slice or even Angry birds on this huge screen?

In the demo Video below you can see an Android tablet connected to an HDTV with the help of HDMI Docking Plus and then everything can be controlled through the HDTV. Could it be a futuristic HDTV Technology?

Currently Most of HDTV today is only got 2 touch sensors but will soon be 4 pieces touch sensors that make your HDTV into a multi-touch. Hope that on the future we can enjoy this cool amazing technology. Check the demo video below of this 65 Inch HDTV Android Honeycomb from Turkish Company

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