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Cool and Unusual Game Controllers

Bored with your usual game controllers? Below on this list you can find the coolest and most unusual game controllers ever, each of this game controllers has their own advantage. and some of them was build to play a specific game. Check also this World's biggest NES Controller. some of the game controllers below was curiously conceived controllers that ranged from being ludicrously charming to being outlandishly bizarre. Here's the coolest, unusual, weird and bizarre game controllers ever.

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

A quick glance at the above pictured conception will certainly explain its inclusion in a weird list. Originally available for both PS2 and GameCube, this menacing ‘blood-stained’ controller was specifically made for the horror hit Resident Evil 4. Actually powered by N-motion technology, the player just has to move the chainsaw around to change their weapon’s position on the screen. And what’s cool; there is actually a pull-cord on the controller which can be used to start the game, while its ominous rumbling sound is most likely to creep you out.

U-Force Controller

Originally designed for NES in 1989, the U-Force may seem like some retro-styled laptop from its closed angle. Once opened, all the Tron/Star Wars influence becomes much more evident. But beyond its visual treatment, it was the advanced technology (of infrared sensors) that was supposed to sell this product. Unfortunately, the controls were bungled up big time, thus inviting the bad rep of a generation of video game enthusiasts.

Steel Battalion Controller

Looking more like a full fledged cockpit with pedals, than a video game controller, this conception was made for the Japanese title of Steel Battalion. The copious setup with its myriad of paraphernalia was more than enough to confuse any casual gamer looking for fun. And to top that off, each system came with a price tag of $150, which was more than enough to scare off potential customers.

Palmtop Controller for Dancing

Dancing games and their seemingly ever thriving aura always tend to involve people shaking and wriggling their bodies (read - making fool of themselves) in front of a screen. In relation to this, someone came up with a supposedly bright idea of creating a palmtop controller specifically for such ‘dancing’. But then what is the point, if one has just to move his fingers instead of his body?

Power Glove

Yes, it is that much ridiculous! Released as a control accessory to NES in 1989, the Power Glove was marketed as the first peripheral interface controller to recreate human hand movements on the screen. But as with overtly complex mechanisms (and not mention the ludicrous look), the product was shot down because of its imprecise and difficult-to-use controls.

Sega Activator

This 1993 creation as a peripheral to Sega’s Mega Drive was actually influenced by a musical instrument called the Light Harp. Supposedly allowing you hone your virtual martial arts skill by standing within the octagonal space, the product failed miserably in the market. Reason? Well, one very good one is that the inherent system again makes use of the dreaded infrared sensors (U Force anyone?).

Custom Death Crimson Controller

Yes, it is a controller, not some stuffed primeval monster bird. Created by a Japanese artist for one of the worst games ever made, i.e. Death Crimson, the controller also does not bode so well, at least visually. But may be its horrendously bizarre look might get your mind off the game play for some brief moments.

Rail Driver

Controlling Master Chief, Kratos or heck even our lovable Mario may be cool. But controlling a virtual train with the above pictured monstrosity could be a little bit over the top for some of us. And what’s more; you actually have to dish out around $200 for the whole complex setup. Not a winner in our book, especially when you do not even get a conductor’s hat free with it.

Original Xbox Controller

It seriously tooks a lot of hard work to get your hands around this bulky piece of plastic contraption. The ineptitude of the designers became even more glaringly evident when we consider the many fascinating features of the Xbox console itself. So, it does not really come as surprise that this monstrosity was nicknamed ‘Fatty’.

Dream Machine

Invented by Robert James-Herbert, the machine is already touted as the world’s first multi-modal physiointeractive computer game control simulation system. Sounds painful? Well, in simple terms, this controller allows you to play games on any platform with your full body motion (both rotational and linear). But then awesomeness does not come cheap, as the price is slated around $1,700.

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