»Cluzee your Personal Assistant for Android Devices

Cluzee your Personal Assistant for Android Devices

Cluzee was known as The personal assistant for your Android devices, the personal assistant now becoming one of the cool feature that found in smartphone such as SIRI on iPhone 4S or even IRIS for Android. How about this Cluzee?

It was said that this Cluzee personal assistant features might be better than SIRI on iPhone 4S but the only lacks of this Personal assistant is this cluzee is a frequent force close problems.

From the video below it can be seen, besides Cluzee can do what is in SIRI, Cluzee can also give advice such as telling a meeting somewhere, Cluzee will inform the nearest road to reach the location, It's one of the greatest features of this Cluzee personal assistant in Android devices.

On the one hand it might be a bit troublesome but we ought to minimize the search will get better answers.

Just check this Video to know How Cluzee Personal Assistant Android could work as your Trusted Personal assistant in your Android devices.

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