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Play Games with Your Tongue

This Cool Kinect Technology let you play a shooting game with your tongue. How does it work? The Japanese researchers have also developed a shooting game, which will work on the tongue movements of the users. What makes the technology far exciting is its hygienic detection method, say the researchers. The user is not expected to attach any devices to his/her tongue to capture the movements. Kinect will do the task quite simply and superbly.

We know that Kinect motion sensor-based technologies have boundless potentials. An exciting new application of Kinect from the researchers of the University of Electro Communications has a great function of training the tongue. Well, the technology is an interface to detect the tongue movements with a Kinect sensor. People with oral motor function disorders can spend some time in front of the system to train their tongues well.

The detection process results with a series of actions. For the first time, Kinect detects the entire face and eyes of the user. Detection of eyes leads the Kinect to identify the nose, which has a minimum movement value. Based on the position of the nose tip, Kinect can easily determine the mouth and tongue, the researchers explain.

It will be quite amazing to see a person moving his/her tongue to play a game. It becomes more worthy if the user is unable to speak or sallow well with a mouth motor function disorder. To play the game developed by the researchers, the user has to turn his/her tongue right and left. To make a shoot, the user has to stick out his tongue briskly. Well, it will offer enough exercise for the tongue and mouth of the user. Check out the video below to see how the technology works,

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