»Fujitsu Arrows F07D the World's Thinnest Smartphone today

Fujitsu Arrows F07D the World's Thinnest Smartphone today

Once again fujitsu comes with a cool amazing gadget called Fujitsu Arrows F07D. this smartphone was known as the thinnest smartphone in the world today, it's slimmer than Motorola Droid RAZR. This fujitsu Arrows F07D only has 6,9mm thickness while the Motorola droid RAZR has 7,1mm. how does it feel by using this thin smartphone? As we mention before fujitsu always comes with amazing technology such as the Waterproof feature and many more, This Fujitsu Arrows F07D also comes with a waterproof feature (IPX5/IPX8) Certification. see also another tough gadget from Fujitsu such as Fujitsu Arrows Tab and Fujitsu Arrows Z ISW11F

How about the specification of this Fujitsu Arrows F07D? It has a single-core 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 512 MB RAM. The handset has a 10.2 cm (4-inch) display that is covered by Gorilla Glass, a 5 MP camera along with micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports.

Compare Fujitsu Arrows F07D and Motorola Droid RAZR

In terms of the processor this Fujitsu Arrows F07D also better than motorola droid RAZR which only powered by a 1,2Ghz Processor, while the screen size is also bigger than Motorola Droid RAZR (4 inch 854 x 480 pixel display RAZR has a 4.3 inch 960 x 540 pixel display, But if you're looking for a slim smartphone which supports a good camera so the Motorola Droid RAZR is better than this one since Fujitsu arrows F07D only support by 5MP camera while the Motorola droid RAZR was powered by 8MP camera.

We feel that Fujitsu Arrows F07D Design was copied LG’s Optimus Black. It’s got the same boring brick look with slightly rounded corners and it also has a painfully glossy body. Just look at the video below, the guy demoing the device has to wear cotton gloves

So will you try this Fujitsu Arrows F07D?

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