»E-Mirror a LED Mirror with iPod and iPhone Dock

E-Mirror a LED Mirror with iPod and iPhone Dock

This is the World's first LED Mirror that comes with a cool amazing design, beside a mirror it also has a cool docking station and speaker set for the wide range of iPod models, and also the iPhone. This stuff was called as e-mirror. maybe it could be a greatest gift for every gadget lover for this year end holiday.

This e-mirror LED mirror with integrated iPod Docking station was designed by Kristal Form, much of the minimalistic sleek look of the Apple brand has been carried onto this accessory. A perfect replacement for a mini-stereo system with 2 speakers, this e-mirror is fitted with 12 fields of LED lighting on the sides, with screen-printed edging. The use of Led technology, has rendered this product to the first to use the technology on a mirror, which speaks of the smart engineering from the makers of the product. Even the sound system attached include the HP hi-fi speakers which give out crystal clear quality of audio, and also the flexibility of a remote control for all the functions on the device. With the total size being just 90 cm x 60 cm, it doesn’t take up much space and is handy to carry around. You can place this LED Mirror at your bathroom for more entertainment while you take a bath.

You can buy the e-mirror LED Mirror for just $327 (€249), There's 3 color options to choose from (white, black and pink). As per your suiting, you could even order for a horizontal or vertical unit, but be prepared to allow a period of 3 weeks for delivery. If you don't like the futuristic touch on this LED Mirror iPod Docking station so you have to try this iStation a Retro iPad docking station.

Source : Bornrich

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