»iStation a Retro iPad Docking Station with Futuristic Features

iStation a Retro iPad Docking Station with Futuristic Features

Need a Retro Docking for your iPad? Then you should try this iStation a retro docking for iPad complete with a futuristic features, with this iStation docking your iPad would looks like the classic Apple I or Apple II Computer. It's great for you who want to remember your good old days with Apple Computer. How about the futuristic features on this iStation retro iPad docking?

iStation a Retro iPad docking system comprises of a wooden contraption (made of plywood with a faux woodgrain or pearl white finish) that primarily comes with powered stereo speakers (having deft sound quality) and a small sub-woofer for enhanced bass effects. A detachable Bluetooth keyboard can also be affixed on the lower pedestal of the timber box. Other features include a stand (for iPads and iPhones) with three different angles on the top section of the contraption, along with the ubiquitous paraphernalia of a USB port, microSD slot and 3.5mm stereo audio input jack.

With so many of great features then the conception certainly calls some user oriented attributes. In this respect, the keyboard and the speaker system can connect to the tablet effortlessly through Bluetooth connectivity. According to most of the sources, the speakers do account for a superb quality sound output, with a slew of manual music controls (of course, along with a remote mechanism). As for the addition of the USB ports, they can be practically used for charging the mounted device, while MP3 music can also be directly played through the flash drive.

Coming to the important add-on, i.e., the removable keyboard - this light weight peripheral is widely available in the market. It comes with all the standard features of buttons and special Apple keys. The layout also covers the top row keys (that double up as brightness, volume and slideshow controlling buttons), along with a conspicuous power switch. Though, on the convenience scale, the keyboard is actually even smaller than a comparable 10 inch tablet, thus making its usage especially difficult for the large limbed among us.

See the Video below to learn about How to use this iStation Retro Docking Station for iOS devices

Finally, coming to the portability factor, the retro styled conception does have some predicaments regarding this issue. This is because the iStation is a tad bit unwieldy in its overall bearing with over 2 kg in weight. Moreover, the portability problem is compounded by the fact that the system has to be connected by wire (at all times) to a conventional power source.

You can buy this iStation Retro iOS Docking Station for just $140.90. So if you want to bring back your memory with Apple I or Apple II Computer by a retro futuristic essence to your iPad then you should try this Cool Docking Station.

More pictures of iStation Retro Docking Station at micgadget.com

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