»Solar Powered Floating Golf Course

Solar Powered Floating Golf Course

Solar Powered Floating Golf Course, This Floating Golf Course Concept in Maldives will be the first floating golf cource in the world, The ideas of this Floating golf course has come from Waterstudio.NL, Dutch Docklands and Troon Golf.

This Solar powered Floating Golf Course will be take place Just five minutes from the Maldives airport, the golf course will be solar powered, and will include luxurious accommodations with breathtaking views of the greens and the surrounding reefs. The 18-hole golf course will be built on floating platforms, which makes it the world’s first floating golf course. Wow the ideas for this Floating Golf Course is really briliant. we hope that they can realize this project soon. I think on the future we will find many other cool amazing things like a floating island, floating restaurant or many other floating things,

The project of this Solar powered Floating golf course will incorporate technologies, such as water cooling, water desalination and the use of floating solar blanket fields. The 18 holes and other facilities will be linked together with the underwater tunnels. The amazing project is estimated to cost a whopping $500 million. This floating golf course is bound to attract investment and tourism to the country, and will pave the way for new floating development

Wow i wonder how can we play golf on this floating golf course, It seems the wind will blowing more fiercely than on the ground.

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