»Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept

Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept

Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept, Airbus has come with an Amazing futuristic concept design of the Transparent Airplane, with this concept, the traveler on the aircraft cabin will enjoy the panoramic view of the sky easily, This concept of Transparent Airplane will come around at 2050. Look the Amazing Concept of this Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Below.

The plane is designed in such a way that the passenger would be able to see through the cabin and the roof. With this futuristic travel option, the business class and economy class will be replaced with custom-made sectors that offer space for relaxation, interaction and working.

The see-through aircraft cabin will come with various options that will allow the rider enjoy panoramic views outside the aircraft. The comfortable seats could be made to take up any size and shape for each passenger. If we talk about entertainment, the boring small TV screen will be replaced by a larger Interactive zone together with virtual holographic golf courses or virtual clothes shopping.

Well let's wait for the realization of this Revolutionary Transparent Airplane Concept. Hope that Airbus can make it happen.

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