»Human body as Future Multitouch Computer Controller

Human body as Future Multitouch Computer Controller

In the future we can use our hand as the multitouch controller for our PC, car music system and many gadgets. this cool amazing technology was designed by Japanese researcher Kei nakatsuma, Mr. Nakatsuma has demonstrated the technology of converting the back of one’s hand to a full-fledged multi-touch computer controller at the 2011 SIGGRAPH interactive technology conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

It a great fun to see that a body part of humans can be transformed to a superior computer input system. The major advantage of the technology will be that you can go anywhere with a universal computer input system on your body. You can control computers, smartphones, tablets, video gaming consoles, and entertainment systems using your hand as a multi-touch input platform. It will perform exactly like a mouse or a multi-touch trackpad that we are familiar with the computers right now.

Nakatsuma, a professor of Information Physics and Computing at the University of Tokyo has developed the technology using an infrared sensor. A device in form of a wristwatch-like band, which houses the infrared sensor and other components, is required to be tied up with the user’s hand for the new computer input experience.

The key advantage of the technology is that unlike a mouse or trackpad, the skin will provide a feedback in multi-touch computing. Of course, it will make the process far smoother than on a physical input device. Certainly, different from both the gesture technology and multi-touch screens, you can control the computers with the blessed sensual experience.

According to its designer, the technology will seamlessly help users control computers, laptops, smartphones, and many other devices. Making a presentation and operating a phone while you are engaged with another task, the new computer input technology will be a great help as Nakatsuma said. In other words, the technology will introduce a kind of ubiquitous computing as you can stay with the feature anytime.

Nakatsuma demoed the technology for SIGGRAPH attendees transforming the back of his hand to a mouse-like platform. He operated all functions of a mouse on his computer with his hand. However, he said the technology is not enough capable to do several more multi-touch tasks such as pinching and rotating.

Nakatsuma revealed that the prototype of the technology has a lot of other deficiencies. The one another big downfall is that it will not work well in sunlight. It is because infrared signals in sunlight confuse the sensor used in the device. The designer is working hard to develop the technology with more multi-touch features and capacities.

Well we hope that in the future this technology could became a reality.

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